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How to Design a Good Minimalist Home Interior

How to Design a Good Minimalist Home Interior

The first thing in designing a nice minimalist home interior is of course a budget. Because with an adequate budget, what we want can be achieved. Well, on this occasion we will share tips on how to design a home interior with a minimal budget. This interior design technique can be used for shops, type 36 houses, bedrooms, living rooms, small houses and others, even bathrooms and kitchens because the purpose is the same.

In order for the interior design process that you do not stutter or stop halfway because you are running out of budget, here are tips from Godean.web.id that you can apply and learn.

How to design a nice interior


Making a plan is an absolute thing to do before starting to design or decorate the interior that will be done. For careful planning how to design the interior can be as desired but does not exceed the existing budget. Choose the theme or style to be applied, including choosing the color of the wall, what about the model of the door and window, what furniture might be needed along with the placement.

Make a list of the details above and what is needed, then calculate the total cost. And if everything is done, make sure it doesn’t exceed the existing budget. If indeed yes, look for other alternatives, such as prioritizing the main things first, looking for a replacement item, or using an installment system from a furniture store that provides a system.

Take advantage of Old Goods

To save on interior design budgets, you need to sort out furniture that you might have to use again. Just like a nice wardrobe, cabinet shelves, dining table, etc. In how to design a good interior living room, maybe the sofa becomes one of the furniture that can spend your budget if you have to buy a new one. How to save it, just replace the lid with a new one.

Maximizing Room Settings

In a room there is always large furniture as its main function, such as a dining table in the dining room, in the bedroom there is a bed and sofa in the living room. Prioritize your interior design budget on these important things, then new furniture or complementary accessories.

Buy Furniture Not So

By buying furniture that has not been varnished, it can save your interior decoration budget with cheaper furniture prices. Then you can finish it yourself as you wish, but make sure to sand it with fine sandpaper so that the varnish results are nice and shiny.

Buy Second Item

Used goods do not mean the item is not suitable for use. But instead you can find good items that are sold at low prices rather than new prices. Maybe you need a chandelier and there you find a good one, or an antique clock and so on. Try to take the time to visit a thrift shop, or an auction and exhibition place that sells used quality items at a much cheaper price.

Use Color Formula 60-30-10

Playing paint colors is the cheapest and easiest interior design technique! Because wall paint is the lowest price material, you can make a way to design a good interior. You succeed with an extraordinary appearance. Use formula 60-30-10. 60% for large (main) wall sizes then 30% for smaller areas and the last 10% used as accents with bolder color choices. For the main color you have to use neutral colors, so it’s easy to match the color of the furniture.

DIY decoration

The budget for decoration often requires a lot of money, because generally if it’s not expensive, we need a large amount to be attractive. Then why don’t you try making your own DIY decorations. Today there are many DIY interior ideas that you can find easily on the Internet without having to buy books, or magazines. It will look much more personal or not market, and you can show it off if guests visit your place!

With a Minimalist Design Style

Yups ,, minimalist interior design style synonymous with furniture that is simple or minimalist nuances. How to design a good interior with this style, you don’t need to look for accessories to make the interior look more attractive. Because we only need furniture that is important if we use a minimalist interior design style. Read here about Tips for Managing a Good Minimalist Home Layout

Don’t Work Wholesale

maybe you are also one of those people who like to design interiors in one work, but that actually makes the results not optimal. Though the purpose of designing the interior is to make it as beautiful as possible and as perfect as possible. So even though the method is more economical, but the results will not be satisfactory, and contrary to your purpose of decorating. Perform your interior design in stages with priority scale.

Find Beginner Designers

Nine ways to design a good interior will be very useful if you have good sensitivity in doing work. Please find and hire amateur interior design services, as well as students. Their work will not require high costs because they are inexperienced. Please open the job, then do a selection to find the potential designer who did it.

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