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Important Tips for Building a Wooden House You Need to Know

Important Tips for Building a Wooden House You Need to Know

Wooden houses are very popular in Europe which represents around 16% of homes or nearly 55,000 homes in 2014. Then why are they gaining popularity now? The answer is simple: the cost of construction is beneficial, the material is ecological and energy consumption is limited.

If you start thinking about building a wooden house, here are easy tips to get started with your own wooden house project.

Tip 1: Benefits

Unlike concrete block houses, building wooden houses has excellent thermal and sound insulation. Moisture control is done naturally, the air is healthier, and the consequences are fewer microbes.

TIP 2: Save Cost

Building a wooden house helps you save energy, because wood is a natural insulating material. Countries in the Nordic region understand this fact earlier than Central European countries and have used a lot of wood for the construction of houses.

TIP 3: Licensing

As for conventional construction, building permits are very important. Make sure the wooden house you want to build meets the required permits.

TIPS 4: Budget

Many claims for the cost of wooden houses are cheaper than conventional construction, and there are various ways to enable you to tailor projects to your budget.

TIPS 5: Do it yourself

This is an economical solution that offers competitive prices for construction. The provider you choose will provide materials and pictures and if you are familiar with construction, you can continue the work yourself. To install the top of the house, you need to hire professional services.

Tip 6: Basic package

In this case you only buy a wooden house. All elements are sent to the construction site, but the builders assemble different parts. You don’t do most of the work, but the landscape is still your responsibility. Therefore you need to have knowledge about pipe installation, sanitation and electricity to maintain a logical budget.

TIPS 7: All taken into account

To build a conventional house, if you choose the “all calculated” option, you don’t need to do many things. Obviously the cost will be very close to traditional houses.

TIP 8: Houses made of passive wood?

To implement an environmentally friendly project it is tempting. But note that the criteria for doing so are very drastic: heating consumption is 15kWh / m2 / year, perfect air tightness and total primary energy consumption is less than 120kWh / m2 / year. This will result in an additional fee of around 20%.

TIPS 9: Energy saving certificates

For energy-efficient buildings, depending on the area where you live. In some European countries such as in France, with this certification you can take advantage of Scellier assistance (13% tax deduction for your property). You can confirm this with the wooden house provider.

TIP 10: Fire risk

They are the same as other constructions. It is true that wood elements in wooden houses raise questions about their resistance to fire risk. However, note that firewood burns slower than softwood.

Ready to Build a Wooden House?

Customize your choices with your technical knowledge and experience in construction. This review does not address simple DIY projects. If you are still a layman and interested in eco-friendly homes, discuss the plan to build a wooden house with your trust experts.

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