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Simple, Comfortable and Beautiful Minimalist Kitchen Designs

Simple, Comfortable and Beautiful Minimalist Kitchen Designs

It is incomplete if the presence of the kitchen is removed in the house building. In addition, rooms such as bedrooms, living rooms and beds are also important. In general, a kitchen is a room or place at home, where someone can carry out activities to process and cook food and drink ingredients. Usually this activity is better known as cooking.

based on this, the kitchen has an important role in the house. The existence of a kitchen will certainly make it easier for you to carry out activities to manage and cook food. The kitchen is also identical to the rooms in a large enough house. Because a large room can facilitate our movement when cooking.

Of course large kitchens are suitable for large homes too. So, what about a minimalist or small model house? Of course, some minimalist type homeowners will find it difficult to design a small room in the house, including a minimalist kitchen design.

Minimalist Kitchen Design

In fact, designing and building a kitchen for a minimalist home is quite easy. You don’t need to worry about making a large kitchen that can accommodate more than half the size of a room in a minimalist house.

There are several tips that you need to apply before building a minimalist kitchen design. Of course this is very important, especially for your convenience later in the kitchen room. Consider the following reviews …

1. Determining Minimalist Kitchen Design

The first before starting the project to build a minimalist kitchen, of course you are required to first choose and make a minimalist kitchen design as needed. You must first determine the design that is suitable for your home kitchen space.

In general, the minimalist kitchen design model has the shape of a letter U or L. Because this model is considered the most suitable, beautiful and simple for a minimalist small house. You can determine which design is suitable for your needs and storage of items or kitchen utensils that will be in the kitchen. Come on, start the design picture of what you want …

2. Build the Kitchen Without Using the Bulkhead Space

The next tip is to design the los or no partition model. So your kitchen will be combined with another room. This is because in a minimalist house, the size of the kitchen is not too broad or even small. Therefore, as much as possible, you should not use partitions between rooms in your home kitchen.

The existence of a space barrier will only make the kitchen become limited and narrow. So that as many tips as possible make your minimalist kitchen become unlimited so that you will feel comfortable in it.

3. Color Selection in the Kitchen

Next is the selection of colors that you will apply to your minimalist kitchen. The choice of colors to be applied of course must be considered as possible. This must be done to make your kitchen more attractive.

Like a kitchen with a minimalist design, it is recommended to use bright and bright colors as an option. Dark colors or pigeons will only make the kitchen look narrow. Of course this will make you uncomfortable in your activities.

Bright colors like pastel, for example, can be applied to the color of the wall. Then you can apply bright and bright colors to the selection of furniture, floors and room accessories.

4. Make Illusions with Lots of Lighting

Even though it’s small and minimalist, you can make the look of your kitchen look as if it looks wider. Tip is the amount of lighting that goes into the kitchen. You can use natural lighting through the use of large windows.

With the placement of windows and good ventilation, the incoming lighting will make the kitchen room illusion look spacious. Even if there are many empty areas in your kitchen and make the kitchen look bigger and more attractive.

Apart from the existing windows and air vents, lighting can also come from the door. So you can use a door made of glass so that light can enter the room. Whereas at night, use lighting from a minimalist chandelier installed in the middle of your home kitchen.

5. Choosing the Right Kitchen Device

Usually, kitchen sets are kitchen appliances or furniture. For a minimalist minimalist model house, a suitable kitchen set is minimalist and fits your needs but still has to pay attention to appearance.

With a kitchen set, the kitchen in your home looks neat and of course comfortable. So that the selection of furniture to be used in your minimalist kitchen must be suitable so that the appearance of your small kitchen remains attractive.

Tips for you, specify and select multifunctional kitchen utensils that can make storage more compact and do not take up a lot of space such as large kitchen utensils in general.

The choice of kitchen set used for a minimalist kitchen is certainly different from a large kitchen. So, choose a kitchen set that is as minimal as possible so you can save the area in your home’s minimalist kitchen.

6. Take advantage of the Kitchen Wall as well as possible

For those of you who still have the minimum financial ability or minimum budget to buy a set of kitchens, you can use the following trick, namely by buying a wall shelf or storage cabinet.

So you can put these shelves on the walls of your minimalist kitchen at home. Wall shelves can later be an effective storage area without having to reduce the area in your home’s minimalist kitchen.

In addition, wall shelves will also make your kitchen look beautiful and spacious. You don’t even have to bother buying. You can also make your own wall shelves from a variety of simple materials and materials. Of course this will save you more and minimize excessive costs making your dream kitchen minimalist.

7. Use the Room Corner

Next is to use the maximum angle of the room in your kitchen. Some kitchen furniture such as storage cabinets, tables, and the like certainly have a large enough size. Therefore, it will be very troublesome if your home kitchen is not too large or minimalist.

If just a wrong placement can make the kitchen look cramped and messy. Therefore, you can put a large variety of furniture in the corner of your kitchen. This will certainly make the kitchen area not too much used. You also have to choose a set of furniture that has a minimalist size and in accordance with a minimalist kitchen design.

8. Using Diagonal Floors

Last are additional tips. You can apply these tips and just do it to create a space effect that looks wider. The trick is to use a floor with a diagonal design. Generally the most suitable is the use of wood materials.

Floors made of wood or material will be very suitable and fitting to make your minimalist kitchen space comfortable and look wider than before.

minimalist kitchen design that is pretty cool

Although a minimalist kitchen design will look to make the intensity of your motion limited, in fact many models of minimalist kitchens will create a distinctive appearance in your home. Minimalist kitchen design is also widely used and chosen by most people now because it can create a broader impression than the original.

For those of you who are now confused to determine the design of a minimalist kitchen that is suitable for your home, here are some examples of kitchen designs that will be suitable and appropriate for you to apply to your home. Consider the following example …

1. Minimalist Kitchen Design with U Shape

The first example of kitchen design is to use a U-shaped kitchen cabinet design. Using a cabinet like this, you can freely move in the middle of the kitchen when cooking or preparing food.

In addition, you don’t need to go far when you want to move cookware from the stove to the laundry. Also when taking tableware such as plates and cups to prepare food. Just turn right or left. Of course it will be very efficient!

2. Minimalist Kitchen Design with Windows

Did you know the tips and tricks for making your minimalist kitchen look broad are adjusting lighting. One of the lighting is from the window. The window has the main function as a path of air circulation and natural light from the sun.

With a window on the design of your minimalist kitchen it will make it look bigger and wider. Why is that? Because the kitchen will be brighter thanks to the incoming sunlight and your view will be wider outside the house.

As for the pluses, you can open the window while cooking, which makes the aroma of cuisine unlimited in the house. In addition, you can save on lighting costs during the day thanks to this minimalist kitchen design. And most importantly good air circulation can make it more comfortable and fresh, especially stuffy.

3. Hidden Minimalist Kitchen Design

Because the size of the small and narrow minimalist kitchen space, the result is not infrequently requiring you to design a kitchen into one with a dining room. However, for those of you who feel uncomfortable because the area that is fused between the kitchen and dining room, the trick that can be applied is to design a minimalist kitchen that is hidden.

You can hide the design of this minimalist kitchen by using a partition or folding door or curtains whose colors have been adjusted to the kitchen wall of course. When you want to cook, you simply open the lid. And vice versa if you want to eat and get a comfortable atmosphere, close and hide your minimalist kitchen.

4. Design a Minimalist Kitchen with Hidden Furniture

Besides making a minimalist hidden kitchen design, you can also apply a minimalist kitchen design model with a variety of hidden furniture (furniture). Previously, in determining the design of a minimalist kitchen, of course you have to choose what furniture should be owned and not so necessary so that the room does not look cramped.

If there is still a lot of furniture that cannot be removed, the solution is to use furniture (furniture) that can be hidden when not in use. For example, just like a table planted in a cabinet, so when used, just pull the hidden table from the cabinet.

5. Kitchen Design with Wall Shelves and Hanging Furniture

Next, the following tips are suitable for those of you who don’t like narrow spaces, but don’t let you make a large size kitchen, you can outsmart it. One of them is by using wall shelves and hanging furniture. Generally, the use of a cabinet in a small kitchen design will make the room feel more crowded and closed.

Therefore, to create a wider and wider impression, you can replace the cabinet using an open wall shelf. Another advantage that you use on this open rack is to avoid furniture from moisture and save your time when looking for objects.

And just like an open wall shelf, a hanging area can make a small kitchen design look wider. You can make a hanging area on one wall and use it to put various types of pots, pans, and cooking spoons.

This type of storage technique will also be more efficient than storing it in a closet. If you want to use one of the cooking utensils beforehand, you will find it easier to find and pick it up without having to dismantle the stack in the closet.

6. Maximum utilization of the Minimalist Kitchen Design Room Corner

You already know the tips before right? Tips for using as many corners as possible. These tips are certainly very suitable for you to do when you only have a small room for the kitchen. By utilizing every corner of the kitchen to the maximum, the kitchen you use looks wider.

However, don’t let there be an angle that is ignored and unused to the design of your minimalist kitchen. If possible, you can also install the cabinet at each corner of the kitchen, in addition to the cabinet design introduced above. You can also use the backsplash area as a small hanging area for cooking utensils.

7. Multifunctional Minimalist Kitchen Design

A multifunctional minimalist kitchen design like this will certainly be very useful for those of you who really like cooking. For example, it is a multifunctional design such as making a washing place in the kitchen that is applied with a paste that can be shifted.

So it’s enough to slide the cutting board when you want to wash the ingredients, and move it back when you want to cut the ingredients. Of course this is a very efficient place. This is quite efficient, once you cook, you only need one cutting board in the kitchen and you don’t have to bother going back and forth to the laundry area, which requires a lot of space.

8. Minimalist Kitchen Design with Multipurpose Corner Cabinet

Minimalist kitchen design is actually not widely known and used. But it doesn’t hurt if you try to apply it at home. Generally, the meeting parts of the two cabinet corners are usually not used because the design is quite simple.

So from that to outsmart, you can choose a corner cabinet that uses space in the two corners of the meeting. With proper planning, a minimalist kitchen design can be more efficient, effective and functional.

Thus the discussion this time about the design of a minimalist kitchen. The point is that before designing or renovating a kitchen you must first draw the design you want to apply. And do not forget to adjust to the needs not to design too much. Hopefully useful and inspiring for all readers. Good luck at home …

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