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tips for Choosing Modern 2-storey Minimalist Home Furniture

tips for Choosing Modern 2-storey Minimalist Home Furniture

Modern Minimalist Houses – Some friends of the psalm may be familiar with minimalist home designs. This design is indeed suitable for friends of psalms who want to design a house with a modern concept and those who own land or areas for houses are not too big. Generally, they stand on the ground around 60 to 100 meters.

So this world is suitable for friends of psalms who live in cities or in the middle of cities that sell land that is not too large and limited land. Of course it won’t be easy to make a minimalist house plan, but with this minimalist concept, the psalm buddy will still feel a comfortable home.

But having a minimalist home design can be built not only with one floor. But also this 2-story minimalist or multi-floor and minimalist 2-storey house, which is applied to urban environments given the limited land available unfortunately with this type or type of residence people often feel confused.

How to choose the right furniture so that the house does not feel crowded. The following is how to choose modern 2-storey minimalist home furnishings that can be followed by psalm friends:



Large furniture is one of the mortal enemies. For friends of psalms who use a minimalist concept there are generally many furniture that are deliberately made. With a larger size such as a sofa or closet so that the capacity or use of power becomes more maximal and large.

But minimalism does not have enough space or area. Psalms must remember that minimalism brings the concept of being efficient and also useful. So avoid furniture that is too big and can spend space when put into your friend’s psalm home. As long as you find smaller items, you can be useful and also have a unique concept. Why not ?


Select equipment according to a very important concept. Also, if you find furniture at low prices, you can tempt your friends to buy it directly. But friends of the psalm do not be fooled because often furniture has material that is not quality. So when the friend of the psalm uses it for only 5 to 6 months, the furniture is broken and the psalm friend must replace it. With the new one before buying, the friend of the psalm must pay attention to the quality of the material given because it has an impact on the appearance and durability of the product. Usually minimalist homes use products that are efficient and also easy. For use as well as products that are easily assembled or moved easily.


Need buddy psalm remember, that minimalism is one of the residential concepts used in this modern era. Minimalism itself carries a simple theme. But it’s elegant so for friends of psalms who want to buy furniture, especially for modern 2-storey minimalist homes. So friends of the psalm must buy it in accordance with the available space, for example, if the friend of the psalm provides two rooms, then the friend of the psalm must provide special furniture for two minimalist rooms.

Don’t buy outdoor furniture because of a minimalist home. Generally there are no other species or large areas. Furniture must also be determined based on needs or interests. Obviously the friend of the psalm did not want to buy furniture like a fancy cupboard, which could accommodate various clothes for children who were still babies. Therefore, you should be able to get or form a room in a two-story house efficiently and according to your taste.


When talking about minimalism, we talk about neutral colors like white, black, gray and brown. Actually this concept has been used by minimalist patents because of the four neutral colors, can help the home become more simple and modern. On the other hand these colors will influence the choice of furniture used by the psalm buddy. The best thing is when you choose furniture for a modern 2-storey minimalist home from items that are too fancy or use color.

Like teak or someone who is too agile. On the other hand, too, furniture or pattern patterns that are too crowded can reduce the impression of a simple and minimalist friend of the psalm. It is important for psalm friends to remember that these colors can help to have a wide effect on the home.


The furniture is good and also quality, of course it will cost a lot of money or money, generally many people who see the price first buy it. Even though expensive furniture can last longer and last longer.

So avoid friends of psalms to change furniture every year. High-priced furniture does not mean having good quality materials, but sometimes expensive furniture has its own character and better quality materials. Even so, friends of the psalm must see and review it directly. Is the action appropriate for a friend to buy a psalm or not, not infrequently there is also furniture. With a cheap price, it turns out that it has good quality and is also durable.

The line above is an illustration of some tips or how to choose 2-storey modern minimalist home furnishings, which you can do as you wish. Everyone certainly has their own dreams of owning a home and also making a home, they feel comfortable apart from that. Of course the friend of the psalm must think about whether or not the furniture is needed and its usefulness. In your friend’s psalm, don’t forget that the minimalist type often provides a fairly narrow area. So friends of the psalm must set the strategy to be comfortable and free.

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