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Various types of home design models

Various types of home design models

There are so many home designs in the world, one of which is a very famous house, namely a minimalist house. This house uses a simple but impressive concept, but besides that there are still many amazing houses. Do you want to know what that is? let’s get acquainted with the design of the houses below.

Contemporary home design

Contemporary home design is one of the models of houses built in many countries of the world, in principle, the style of contemporary homes is relatively somewhat similar to the style or design of a minimalist home. But contemporary styles tend to describe modern designs and shapes, and are diverse. In other words, contemporary style is a style that follows the development of contemporary times, contemporary modern architecture in general can be recognized through its simple, practical and functional design with simple geometric shapes and neutral colors with a clean appearance.

Modern home design

Not much different from the style of contemporary homes, modern home styles also tend to have designs and models that are almost the same. It’s just that this modern home model generally has a house that looks more rigid with a box shape, but looks luxurious. Most modern home styles tend to be open and rely on a lot of glass installations with relatively wider sizes.

Traditional house design

Traditional house design is a house that follows the peculiarities of each region, but in a traditional style design does not mean that it must be 100% absolute. Because it can be given a certain touch of other designs. This design generally tends to be conventional or rather typical. For example in various countries there are designs for each traditional house.

Beach style design house

Beach style which means a house with a beach style or design and or that smells of beach. Actually this beach-style house is somewhat similar to traditional house design. And in many countries this beach style house has adopted many minimalist or modern designs.

Asian home design

Asian house design is an Asian style home design which in certain parts has its own peculiarities. Just like traditional designs, this Asian style house has its own uniqueness. The use of wood and bamboo materials dominates in certain spaces or parts. For example Asian houses in Japanese or Chinese style, as well as Asian houses in Indonesian style. Usually Asian design houses have several important elements that must be present in the interior design. The first element is a large glass or glass sliding door that can give a look.

Home craftsman design

American Craftsmanship, or the American Arts and Crafts movement, is American architecture, interior design and design and also applied in the style of decorative arts and lifestyle philosophy that began in the last years of the 19th century. As a broad design and art movement, this style remained popular until the 1930s. However, in his journey of decorative art and architectural design he continues to grow to this day. The characteristics of the house with the design of ‘Craftsmen’ are usually on the front or porches that tend to be thick with a support pole which at the bottom looks very sturdy.

Farm house design

A farmhouse-style house is a building or house that serves as the main residence in a rural or agricultural atmosphere. Historically, farmhouses were often combined with places for animals called housebarn. Other farm houses can be connected with one or several barns to store agricultural produce. Houses with designs like this are very suitable if built in the countryside or around the location of the farm. Although it does not rule out the possibility of this style can also be applied in city cities.

Industrial home design

A house with a well-known industrial design from a building that looks dark, strong, and at first glance looks like a small factory. The most prominent material of industrial-style houses is the use of exposed bricks, concrete, and many also use elements such as steel, water pipes and ventilation. Houses with industrial style are very cool and look more manly.

Mediterranean home design

Mediterranean house design can be seen from its very elegant, classic, and luxurious form. As we often see in several countries such as Italy, Turkey, Spain and Greece. Mediterranean-style homes will usually not be taller than two floors and all have large windows. The sloping roof of the roof gives the beautiful emperor a shade in a hot location. Bringing nature into the room is often part of the design structure because the climate around the Mediterranean is cool and warm, the interior of the courtyard, porches and even practical balconies and so on. Columns and high arches are also characteristics of this design.

Tropical house design

Tropical home architectural design is more advanced in nature by utilizing the natural side of the house itself. Usually the house with style is identical to the growth of several coconut or coconut trees around the house. With a relatively larger size of doors and windows. The goal is that healthy air circulation can enter the room, the use of materials such as wood and boards tends to take precedence. Indonesia itself is a country that I feel is suitable for a house model like this. Because the character of a tropical house is designed to be suitable for a tropical climate.

Those are some home designs that can be your inspiration when you want to build a house. May be useful

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