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What is a Minimalist Modern Design Style?

What is a Minimalist Modern Design Style?

he minimalist modern style itself is identical to everything that is simple, functional, and neatly arranged. The concept and style of interior design that exists today is very diverse, ranging from contemporary, classic, modern, industrial, environmentally friendly to the design style that is tailored to the character and feel of the designer itself. Some of you may already know or even use one of these interior style choices for your home or office.

Now I will try to discuss and introduce one of the most popular and widely used modern minimalist style designs. The minimalist modern style itself is synonymous with everything that is simple, functional, and neatly organized, and certainly related to technological progress.

Quoting pufikhomes.com, a minimalist interior style is a design approach characterized by savings in decoration. This design concept can be achieved through the use of functional furniture and interior objects, geometric shapes and combinations that are usually no more than two basic colors. Minimalist design is a stripped design, eliminating unnecessary parts, leaving only important elements.

Minimalism can not be separated from the famous thinking of Van der Rohe’s Mies Ludwig, namely “Less is More”. He is one of the leaders of modern world architecture.

According to Architects, better known as “Mies,” for making “bone” interiors, he uses many modern materials such as industrial steel and glass, while still emphasizing open space and simplicity.

Mies believes that simplicity in architecture is everything. This simplicity comes from a very strong pengarugh of the Russian Constructivism movement. Russian constructivism is known to use architecture to benefit society. In addition, this simplicity sentiment also fits the mantra “less is more.”

Minimalist Modern Design in the Interior

Many believe that the modern-minimalist design concept is very close to a minimalist style because of its principle that minimizes the use of non-functional elements. However, the interpretation of the concept of “Less is More” in a minimalist interior is actually very broad and can be applied to various elements and aspects of interior design itself.

Important question; What is the appearance of the room with the application of a minimalist style?

Here I conclude to 4 points:

Geometric style

Strong lines make a minimalist interior attractive. In the design, interior designers usually explore many forms, both in terms of the shape of the room, the shape of the furniture, to the shape of the pattern applied to the interior.

But in a minimalist interior concept, the use of these forms is actually made simpler. Exploration of forms takes precedence on ergonomics, comfort, and function, not on design aesthetics.

Minimizing the use of furniture

Because the minimalist interior prioritizes functions, consider starting to reduce the variety of furniture with support functions that are not used too often in everyday use. The minimalist interior concept focuses on the use of the main furniture needed to support indoor activities.

For example, if you have a chair in the corner of the room, but it turns out that the chair has never been used, remove the chair in the list of furniture chosen.

Use of monochrome colors

Color elements are one of the interior elements that are often a weapon when exploring minimalist concepts. However, choosing this color combination does not refer to aesthetic elements, but prioritizes the comfort level of the room itself. So don’t be surprised if you find a lot of neutral colors like the dominant white in a minimalist interior.

Prioritize the function

This one is the core of fewer concepts.

As mentioned earlier, one of the keys to a minimalist interior design concept is to prioritize functional aspects. Therefore, avoid the formation of design and arrangement of spatial elements that are not based on aspects of function and designation. Injection elements that do not add or support room functions are not recommended for this interior design concept.

Well, that’s a little explanation of what modern-minimalist interior design style is. Do you like the design concept? Or maybe you prefer another design concept as an interior style choice for your home?

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